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Movie Premiere | San Antonio, Texas


Josh Webber

Michael ‘OCHO’torena was a former gang member, drug addict, and prisoner, Now he is aa heavily tattoed hispanic actor with over 137 credits in movies and tv shows.

Through his harrowing life journey, his trials and triumph, he now ministers the light of GOD he found in his life as a beacon of hope for anyone and everyone who feels they are forsaken by GOD’s Love.

OCHO with son JOMY

With a humble acquaintance and friendship, there is discussions of having a cameo role in the GrandMaster film with his unique style of bringing awareness in this action pack film.

Stay Tune...

Michael OCHOtorena

Sunday, April 10, 2022 | Crosspoint Fellowship Church

Lights. Camera. 


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Some restrictions apply.
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Casting Opportunity.


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Casting EXTRAS for a specific roles in the FILM for an upcoming shoot.

As the next chapter of Filming continues, so does the need of EXTRAS in the CLUB background. So this is a members only invitation to be part of an amazing experience to be in a Movie!

with a deeper compelling story and a touch of sensational Action that GRANDMASTER will sure to deliver.

GrandMaster's Movie Poster

3 Videos  3 Skills or so...

3 Videos.  3 Styles. 3 Contestants.

1 [Vote] = YOURS.

The GrandMaster's Choreography team has placed an interactive video where YOU choose which member deserves your mark. 

So watch the clips, make your comments and stay tune for more challengers as Training continues.

...What others say...

"The tenacity of the writer's mind

will touch your heart

...and then will rip it out."

Beyond Tolerable Recovery

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in the making of this Film!

Knock out those to-do lists! Set of 2 pens. Hangs easily from chain. Medium tip ballpoint pens with black ink.

#37 Nunchuck Pen

Prices will be mailed or given in person during one of the filming session. Please provide any necessary details in your subscription profile.

This Month's PRIZE

comes from the PEN used in the film to write the clue for the Agent's next lead.

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with the support of

Though this film may be a fictional Title, human trafficking

does exist. It is a harsh reality fact that is difficult to understand

and accept in our lives. The H.U.G.S. Foundation, Inc (a 501c3 non-profit organization) of San Antonio, Texas readily stands by in this matter. By informing, combating, and providing Public Awareness to the community, The H.U.G.S. Foundation teams up with the Film production through scenarios or similar situations that the team's database collects. 

The H.U.G.S. Foundation | San Antonio, Texas