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may be a fictional film but it's

based on real life scenarios."

This film is being made to make a stand and a difference for the unheard voices of many little girls and boys who endure the traumatic lifestyle of human trafficking. The director reaches into the depths of these horrific real-life nightmares to create a unique and compelling story for both victim and predator. He reveals how each side has its own story to tell. Why would LIFE place anyone in such a devastating situation in which they seemed destined for?

This film will truly open your mind and will leave you feeling compassion for both sides as you cringe with a tight fist, rooting for a happy ending

.....but will there [EVER] be one?

the film
The facts


"The life expectancy for a kidnapped child sold in trafficking is

only 4-7 years!"

[According to the FBI] the rescue rate of missing children is 1/2 of 1%.... 20% of those in non-family abductions are never found alive.  The H.U.G.S. Foundation collaborates with the production team to provide these statistics and the visual description that depicts these real-life scenarios. The H.U.G.S. Foundation gladly takes part in this film to make a bigger difference by creating public awareness through this film.

The mission


Public Awareness through

Media Entertainment

GRANDMASTER film will captivate you through its cinematography and the dramatic plot it delivers. It will open your eyes to see the dreadful truth about these situations that can occur in our normal everyday lives. While others may wish for the best, Organizations such as The H.U.G.S. Foundation Inc. stand by to answer the calling of making a difference and providing informative awareness on how to help or prevent such catastrophes, before it’s too late.

Join the mission of this incredible crusade. 

There are many non-profit organizations all over the world but why not start here, at home - in San Antonio, Texas where your dedicated charity is backing up the making of this film to bring to you. Take part of our journey.



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