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= TECH BAG 2.0 =

with Programmable & Full Color Screen. Waterproof, Shoulder Travel Backpack, Fits Laptops up to 17 Inches (Black)

  • High-Quality TECH BAG |  The surface of the backpack is made of WATERPROOF material and durable polyester nylon that meets the need of daily work, commute or study.

  • Pictures and Animations  |  Uploading pictures is easy and friendly to use in the app.  It can also dynamically display your own designed GIF/Jpeg Files.

  • Pre Loaded GIFs  |  So many to choose from for your daily use or purpose.

  • Colorful Text and Graffiti  |  Enter the words you want to say in the APP and creative graffiti will display it on the backpack (IN REAL TIME). You can advertise, greet, show love, and truly express yourself without having to say words.

  • Easy to use  | as 1. 2. 3..

  1. Plug the backpack into a power bank; (Not included: unless a PROMO sale)

  2. Mobile download APP (LOY PLAY for Android / iOS friendly)

  3. Connect the TECH BAG to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and then use the app to control the images, animations, or text displayed on the TECH BAG.

  • LED TECH BAG  |  High-quality Laptop Backpack with LED Full-Color Screen can dynamically display your favorite text pictures and animation

  • High-Capacity Double-layer Design has multiple compartments and hidden pockets, which can easily organize water bottles, books, documents, cell phones, tablets, and other essentials for daily work and travel. Plus, using the LOY PLAY App, you can download various art images from chat GPT to display on your backpack to add style theme for display.



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The TECH BAG 2.0 currently has 2 GAMES you can play utilizing your phone/tablet app as the controller. 



We will continue to look into adding more playable games very soon as it will be available through the LOY PLAY App. In the meantime, ENJOY this 2 Games right off your TECH BAG 2.0!

Game choice.jpg
 Call/Text:  726.234.1045

a Multimedia Effect

The TECH BAG 2.0 was well used in the presentation of the WARRIOR GAMES Challenge 2023. During my Production work in the Naval Base Station - San Diego, California and as we documented the event, TECH BAG 2.0 had a major impact with the audience and players from the Digital Messages, Team Cheer, and Event Branding - all from the touch of a button.

JOMEDIA Backpack
 Call/Text:  726.234.1045
TETRIS Gameplay Sample
large capacity

Large Capacity

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