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How to be  
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 in this GRANDMASTER Segment?

   Filming Schedule Update!  

  Production Filming for this segment has moved to Saturday, September 29, 2018. 

  Please make arrangements if you are the Casted Extras. 


September 29, 2018

10am - 4pm

ADDRESS LOCATION will appear on your (Reservation) Receipt.

This exclusive invitation is for the EXTRAS taking part of the Production and for supporting our Caterers.

The former JIM's Restaurant is set to be DEMOLISHED soon. The amenities and its features are not accessible for public use.

  WEATHER information prior to FILMING on Saturday has decreased to 70%. 

sat weather update.JPG

Weather forecast based on in San Antonio, Texas 78216 zip code


Chef:  Dulce Amor | 210.643.8837

Thank you for your interest to be part of the Film.

  • An open invitation is open to the public as long as you have registered or signed up in our Film Database.

  • A $5 Per PLATE is to be collected prior to the shoot date. Your head count and seating numbers are determined by the Plate Reserved. Purchase your SPOT (Plate) to secure your placement of LIMITED EXTRAS for this scene.

  • You will be given a Receipt and a Seating Number upon your completion of order

  • All dishes must be purchased and calculated before the shooting date. Extra dishes may be possible for additional purchase on the spot if you desire more.

  • An In-House Catering partners of the Film's  production will banquet this scene as a Restaurant facility for the movie ONLY.

  • The former JIM's Restaurant is NOT an OPERATING dining room facility. It is just a   Set Location for our Production.

  • DO NOT USE the BATHROOMS. It NO longer functions.

  • Please use the DIVERSIONS GAMEROOM's Restroom facility located right next door.

  • All Extras must abide by the Director, AngelMist Production, and the Unit location Management's RULES or risk being removed at the scene.

  • AngelMist Productions has the right to revoke, remove, or dismiss anyone hindering the progress of the film making at anytime.

  • NO horse playing or frolicking around the deserted Kitchen for your Safety.

  • Do not cross the path where the Tape Lines are indicated for your Safety.

A choice of VIETNAMESE or some FILIPINO Dishes will be served.

   Wanna be a                                           Member?

Click on GrandMaster to Sign UP and get the latest


in the making of this Film!

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