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LOOK the Part...  then ACT the Part...


open gym | facility usage & training

OPEN GYM Training, Conditioning and FLiPPiN!!

For FILM, Personal workout and Self confidence...

Tuesdays  | 7pm - 9pm |

$10 Entry


FREE Training sessions

ONLY for GrandMaster Film participants

OPEN Gymnastics | Facility usage

Elbow Push Ups OPEN GYM

Tuesdays | 7pm - 9pm


                  "Moving Water. Steady Mind. and Focus..."

Practicing, rehearsing some moves for the Film on a slight jagged rocks and slippery foundation.

Crazy -YES!

...with Keekee "Cherokee" Takatsuki in

New Braunfels, Texas Guadalupe River.

 Choreography | Training | Conditioning 

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 The Choreography Training Studio room is located by Universal City, Texas on Pat Booker Rd. is available for a temporary use under the management of the Choreographer Director or by the Unit Management.

The use of the TRU Fit Studio Room is upon the availability of the Gym when not in use. GrandMaster Training sessions will go accordingly with the facility's scheduled programs.

Please contact AngelMist Productions, LLC. for details and Rehearsal Scheduling.

GM JIMs Training Choreography room 2.jpg

   Group Training sequence. From conditioning to signature moves.   

   "HARSH Texas"      Director:  Tommy Zion  |  Fight Choreographer:  Joemer Dulatre   

Training Conditioning
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Live Oak City Park

Choreography Rehearsals for the Outdoor

Training sequences will take place at the Live Oak Park. The large spacious park centered around a reservoir, with athletic fields, disc golf &  

it's park amenities houses those intricate 

sequences and conditioning needed 

for ANY film in the making.

LIVE Oak City Park

18001 Park Dr,

Live Oak, TX 78233

City Park.png
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