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Producer | Director | Writer  | Choreographer

Editor | Camera | Graphics | Actor | Stunts


In his prime youth Joemer Dulatre, a native of the Philippine Islands, strives currently at his best in the media industry. His unwavering talents continues to evolve through his Faith, Compassion, and Belief to make a difference in peoples lives. His accomplishments are inspired by his only son to give him an opportunity that he never got as a child. 


He often quotes, "It's God Grace in my Doings." and so he has done many things...


A vigilant uncle of Reyes and Mei Ling who endeavors on a harrowing journey when his families are captured and torn apart.


In the end, his keen sense of abilities in tracking his beloved only leads to the

-Grand Master of it all...


A young worthy adversary with dynamic martial arts skills that tend to leave his markings. 

He attest his family's bondage by the choices he must make. 



Loyal friend of Wu and a decorated war hero on a relentless mission of saving lives.

During the Vietnam War Era, Ken Small was a member of the US Marine Corp's Elite Force Troops. Witnessing children's plight in third world and war-torn countries, he solicited help from friends to provide aid.


Though originally just a handful of concerned individuals, thousands of children's lives were saved. Over a decade ago, HVIN Ministries was created to expand their outreach.


H.U.G.S. Foundation (Helping U Grow Strong) director KEN Small, spearheads this foundation to rescue, prevent, and cease the Human Trafficking of children and to exploit the devastation of what Synthetic Drugs causes.



Captured in a whirlpool of underworld solicitation, Faye befriends Mei Ling shedding a ray of light in their fight for freedom.

Music Composer | Production Assistant




Storyboard | Production Assistant

George Wooten has participated in the media industry for awhile now. He has worked as a grip, extra, production assistant, storyboard artist , photographer and now a camera B operator. He has worked with Maverick Video Production, Quartermoon Productions and currently with AngelMist Production, LLC.


                               mysterious disappearance appalls the impenetrable organization. 


Charlie, a multi-millionaire Gigolo and a top notch patron to King Pin's black market business. As acquisitions of human bargaining continues, his thirst for a lustful life will soon uncover in the hands of Master Wu.



Merchandise #5


Production Assistant
Drone Operator


Production Assistant

Booker and runner. Assuring Doc Brown's finances are all lined up and active.


Associate Producer | Production Assistant
Casting Assistant

Reyes' best friend and a brother to the clan. 

as RYA
an Elite Assassin







Production Assistant
Production Assistant

Sworn to bring down

the syndicates 

with a personal vendetta on Reyes.


Loyal dedicated partner of Agent Logan in Sgt. Keen's division.


Molded and sculpted to be one of Doc Brown's finest baroness, Madam Hoanne's lust for human commodity fattens her hunger to strive for the longevity of their business.

Ben Hayes, known for JD's GrandMaster and AngelMist Production's Warriors of Yeshua is an uprising actor from Goldsby, Oklahoma. His construction company has extended to Austin, Texas where visiting an acquaintance in San Antonio connected him to his debut in acting. From landing in a small role to taking part in production, Ben Hayes continues to progress in his effort in the show business.

Associate Producer | Talent Scout

The syndicate crime Lord of all. 

Doc Brown's organization can penetrate the goodness of soul in people and transform them simply from the wage of human commodity.

Ben's Hayes GrandMaster Card
Tom's GrandMaster Business Card

Pro athlete torn in the mix of family ties and an alter ego. 



GM Business Card JOSEPH

Tommy Marino was born and raised in New York and got his start as a Child Fashion Model for Sears stores and local Fashion Shows. As a young man, He was accepted to the Prestigious Barbizon School of Modeling, but decided to serve his country as a Medic and is now a Decorated Disabled 20 year Veteran of The United States Air Force (USAF), Medical Service Corp. Tommy’s Acting Debut started with School Plays and as a Little Theatre Group Actor and knack for the skill was sought out by Theatre Groups across his Military Career. His diverse talents also landed him leading roles in Commanders Calls and Military Campaign events in which he played key roles in direct support of programs tied to Quality of Life and Service. He is also a Dynamic Speaker and has conducted Numerous Conference Speaking Engagements across the Country. Tommy is Active in his Community through Coalition work/Professional groups and as a recent Cancer Survivor, conducts Motivational talks at Support groups and gives back by sharing his story with others for Healing. His most recent acting work includes “The Farmers Market” and is the Leading Body Guard to the Madam in “The South Texas Sting” in San Antonio, Texas. He also studied Acting in College and holds an Associate, Bachelors and Master Degrees with Honors.  Tommy has a unique passion for life and uncanny desire to be an aspiring leading Actor/Writer in a Major Role/Show. Tommy is a Prominent Business Owner, Experienced Consultant, Master Trainer, Expert Witness, Successful Real Estate Investor and proud father of one Daughter who continues to inspire him. (2017)

My name is CherokeeTakatsuki ,

I'm a small business entrepreneur, of my company called Dragon Flex Fitness ,and I am an actor, model, stuntman, hip hop rapper, I performed in the early 90s with the hip-hop group called Def Poet Society and  and I hold a black belt in Taekwondo and now I teach my own martial arts martial system called Direct Defence.

I've been acting for approximately 15 years and I was raised in the garden Isle of Kauai.  My father was Japanese, Hawaiian and my mother was Cherokee, Irish, and French.  I started working in the acting field, by taking lessons with the Steven Stoli Playhouse in San Antonio Texas and my first film I worked on was "A Day in the Life on Kauai a student film."


I've worked on Films such as Jungle Cruise a Disney production The new guy featuring Eddie Griffin, Lowrider weekend with Danny De La Paz and Jesse Borrego and I also starred in a reality show by Univision call The Men of Hardbodies. 

I'm currently working on  several Productions Once Upon a Time in San Anto a Jimster production A Cup of tea by Nancy Oakley and Beyond the Lights by RonnieStixx.  and best of all of all I'm working with Joemer Dulatre, on this amazing production called JD's Grandmaster with AngelMist Productions, LLC.

I Am a very humble man that loves teamwork, and I spend most of my time practicing the art of Zen

Undercover Pimp

as Cash 

Welcome to the Spartan Combat Sports program taught to you by Soke Hanshi Chief Master Larry Spartan Lockhart Jr. I started martial arts at the age of two under my father Grandmaster Larry The Technician Lockhart Sr. Originally then I learned the Jhoon Rhee American TaeKwonDo system, I was introduced to various trainers in my lifetime in different martial arts. Judo, Kempo, Kajukenbo, Shur Shi-Lung Kung Fu, Kali, Escrima De Arnis, Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Fencing, and American Kickboxing. I have several master’s degrees in martial arts Lokido Jutsu Ryu, Jeon Sa MuSul, Bushikan
Karate-Do, Kajukenbo, and Lockhart Combative Systems which I am the founder of. I have various Sports Karate Championship victories from different leagues N.B.L., A.O.K., W.S.K.A., N.A.S.K.A. I also was an underground fighter in the era before U.F.C. and won in the Vale Tudo
Combat M.M.A. As a coach, I have produced world,  national, state, and local champions.


I am the producer of Alamo Grand Nationals., Spartan Combat Sports Championship Super Fights currently. My film career consists of The Tale of Twenty-One Long Coats pilot film, Party Girls pilot film, and Ace Ventura 2 Pet Detective. With, you can call me Coach Spartan. As I'm here to train you to be the best you can be. I'm the man to know, to help you go
pro. Blessings!

Larry Micheal Lockhart Jr.

Your involvement in the FILM plays a significant role in the making of JD's GRANDMASTER!
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