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Life of a BOSS

This movie is definitely timely and on point! As "DOC" Brown, I bring what I learned from the tough streets of San Antonio to my Character. "DOC" Brown never had a chance growing up on the mean streets of DC, "DOC" spent a lot of time in the hospital as a kid earning him the name "DOC" from the kids in the hood, not as a term of endearment but a put down.

"DOC" took the name and embraced it but instead of going to the DR. he began sending people to the DR. after harnessing the pain that years of abuse had caused, "DOC" began to use intimidation, muscle and charisma to dominate the streets and attract a loyal following of individuals willing to carry out his dirty deeds.

"DOC" Brown there was a market for the innocent, so he began brokering young girls and boys to the highest bidder as his power grew he decided to ex[and operations to San Antonio Tx, the mecca for trafficking. "DOC" Brown has risen as a powerful force and dares anyone to get in his way.

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