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V.I.P. Meet Thank You!

With HUGS CEO, Venue owners/managements, Actors, Music Composer and Production Assistants.
HUGS Foundation | GrandMaster Film | VIP (Very Important Production) Meeting

GrandMaster Film, AngelMist Productions, & I would like to extend a great gratitude for your attendance and participation of this initial Meet & Greet acquaintance yesterday.


  • Sign In and Contact info enlistment

  • The overview of the HUGS Foundation involvement & how the human trafficking statistics apply to the scenarios of the Film

  • The connection of the Venue Owners with their collaborative participation and facility usage

  • Acquaintance among the members, board, and guest and individuality position

  • Website Profile, Footage samples, Film incentives, etc...

  • Projected shoot date for the Men's Club venue

  • Colorado Production Trip

Thank you all for your attendance as the next procedure is being implemented.

We also are wishing the best for Ms. Stanzi Stokes' Rusty, as her love one is in the process of recovery from California during yesterday.

Moving Forward, please keep in mind the training hours on Friday nights of TruFit Gym for the Rehearsal and Fight choreography sessions.

Next Step, preparation to film in the Club. Be ready Actors and Production assistants...

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