V.I.P. Meeting (Very Important Production)

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Attention selected GrandMaster Actors, Facility Managements, or Crew members...

Please be inform of Wednesday, October 10, 2018 | 1pm - 2pm | H.U.G.S. Foundation, Inc office. for a V.I.P. (a Very Important Production) Meeting.

  1. Director, Joemer will begin with brief acquaintance and an attendance introductory

  2. Facility or venue rules, highlight, and recaps

  3. Character auditions and/or role assignments

  4. Generate an initiation shooting date

  5. Requirements, Forms etc...

HUGS Foundation C.E.O. / Associate Producer Ken Small will Highlight its role for this film and how the organization supports the essence of the screenplay. "GRANDMASTER"

may be a fictional film but it's based on real life scenarios.

H.U.G.S. Foundation, Inc.

6609 Blanco Plaza (suite 210)

Castle Hills, Texas 78213

(210) 530-1702 or (210) 530-1733


AngelMist Productions, llc.

1.855.493.5669 (#4 or #5)

UPDATE: (2:15 pm | 10.9.18)

Unfortunately, Ms. Stokes will not be able to do the Video Conference tomorrow due to Illness in a family/loved member. She sends her regards to our meeting tomorrow and will soon contact production as progress continues..

A momentary video conference with one of L.A.'s Casting Director, Stanzi Stokes will be conducted for a Meet and Greet live stream session.


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AngelMist Productions, LLC.


1.855.493.5669 (ext #4 | Director) 

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