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The Value of a Woman (Paperback)

The Value of a Woman (Paperback)



Motivational speaker, Fitness coach, AUTHOR and Actor (JD's GRANDMASTER), Joseph Brooks brings you this sensational and enlightening How-to-like 'Guideline' Book. With its focus for daughters, women young and mature it provides a guide line to live by. A set of principles that established their significance, self-worth and VALUE...


What tips do single women need to know when it comes to dating and relationships?

When it comes to dating and relationships.


  • Never Compromise.
  • Don't become his mother.
  • Command respect.
  • Never offer a benefits package. (No friends w/benefits.)
  • Don't date a man you wouldn't marry.


Don't overlook the NERDS!!!! The ROCK is a self proclaimed nerd with muscles, not bad😊

Make sure he loves God more than you, that way he will honor you as a Kings daughter and treat you as such.


What are some tips you can share for single women who are trying to become financially successful?


  • I have always believed that God gave women a special gift of discernment and sensitivity, I encourage women to use those gifts and Jump!
  • Do what you can't stop thinking about!


Ask yourself, If money were no object what would I do?

  • That's your purpose, no matter how crazy it sounds to others, as long as its legal and doesn't hurt you do it!
  • Never second guess yourself!
  • Never have a Plan B.


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