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In 1984 at Zamboanga City, Philippines I was born by the parents of Inocencia & Daniel Mariano. From a fashion diva designer to an entrepreneur mechanic my skills originated from the humble beginnings. From a family 9, I am the eight child to bestow the name of [Dulce Amor] meaning "Sweet Love." It is a special name that I will carry for many generations to come. I have many certified accomplishments in; phlebotomy, venue managements, nursing assistants, fashion, baker, chef, esthetician, and now entering the world of acting.

I am like a 'wonder' woman with many talents preparing myself into the adventure of media arts beginning with this film.

If you are in the market of skin care (esthetician), massage, or even selective catering then feel free to contact me at and look forward to hear from you.

Until then, see you in this film.

Dulce Mariano (as Mama SANtos)

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