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I enjoy all things Photography, whether it be capturing my children on their school playground, bts photography, wedding photos, or your garden with the tiniest roses I have ever seen. I will find the beauty in any occasion, snap a photo for you and together we have captured your special moments. I can not Express my love of documenting lifes journey and our loved ones. In my younger years I had no clue I would pursue photography. It was when my youngest son Edward was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer called Hepatoblastoma at the age of three. The doctors didn't waste no time telling me that he wouldn't be here for long. At that point I went out and bought my very first camcorder in 2001. I was camera shy but I knew I needed to get all my last memories with my son on video. I just knew that those videos would comfort me when he is gone. So I was able to capture almost 2 years of every day we had left together. The joy that we got from that camera , Even in the hospital for chemo His eyes would just light up when I pulled the camera out. After that time I have wanted to cherish everything ,everyone. With Photos or videos we freeze our lives in time forever and become timeless. I am a mother of three and we enjoy music, fashion, modeling, all things entertainment. I have also been in the Dental field for 10 years now. That is my every day while I learn more about the art of photography.

La Unica Abril

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