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Joann Martinez is born and raised in the heart of San Antonio, Texas. As a native of South Texas, she knows how to take and deliver what is needed from the other side of the camera. She is a tough hardcore woman with a tender caring side. She is a very supportive and kind heart lady -standing by her friend and world acclaim author, Nancy Oakley of (The Quest for Serendipity and South Texas Sting- Short) through many years of support and promotions.

Joann intends to continue pursuing the acting world while assisting and getting involved with charitable organizations in San Antonio. Her biggest accomplishment by far is landing a villain role, in Joemer Dulatre's GrandMaster as a Madam representing the dark stories on the Human Trafficking side. She is steadfast ready when call for any Gig for the media industry.

JoAnn Martinez | Madam Ho

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