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the Making of this FILM

One man.   One Vision.   One GOD given Talent.

Please support the Making of this FILM with your DONATIONS,  

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The Producer and Director, Joemer Dulatre, brings out this fictional, compelling, deep cinematic story of the dark world of human commodity. Through his participation and involvement with San Antonio's The H.U.G.S. Foundation; he carefully observes the tragic moments that victims endure in this treachery of lifestyle as he seeks a way to enlighten the world sharing his compassion and empathy through this cinematic film.

Your contribution and participation not only oversees the Film's project through but will also resonate in time. 

(12.5' x 40.5')

The Great

SAN ANTONIO Riverwalk Mural Painting

a Monumental Decorative Painting


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10% of this FILM Support will proudly be share to the everlasting combat for the anti Human Trafficking awareness of The H.U.G.S. Foundation.

1 855 4WE  KNOW

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                           are collection of merchandise or items that are personally owned within the Production or its members. They are donated to aid for the support in Funding the making of the Film. Items shown are available for local pick up (in San Antonio, Texas) only. Delivery within a few mile radius may be available upon payment of Film Support is completed. If you have any questions feel free to CALL or EMAIL us. Thank you for your Support and Purchase in our production's "JOrage SALE". 



Estimated cost to Make this FILM

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